Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ahhh, the Dentist Chair

Hard-core dental work is in a league all its own...

* It's timing the moment you must close your eyes to avoid seeing the needle slide into your mouth for those stinging shots.

* It's being handed a tissue and a suction tube to keep the drool off your face and neck.

* It's having little bits of things pulled out of your teeth and wiped on your 'bib'.

* It's seeing miniscule bits of your teeth floating in the air above you like water vapor.

* It's keeping your reflexes at the ready just in case the anesthesia hasn't taken effect and the drilling has already begun.

* It's feeling like your lips are about to crack wide open just before the dental hygenist swipes a big glob of Vaseline over your lips like a four-year-old practicing with lipstick.

* It's hearing the varied sounds of your teeth being ground away--anything from a table saw to a kitten meow.

* It's walking out of the office pale as a ghost, hair matted strangely, lips quirked in odd and disturbing ways from the numbness.

Thank goodness they played Summer Breeze...


Lucy said...

Or how they can keep their hand in your mouth so you can't swallow when you know (and can feel) the saliva building up in your mouth.

I can sympathize with everything you said too because I recently had a dental appointment. Had the teeth cleaned but didn't see the dentist because her mother had had a stroke the night before. We scheduled an exam for the following week, along with some work I needed done and that was canceled because, bless her heart, her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident a couple of days before that appointment. That was two weeks ago and I haven't rescheduled yet.

Anyway, hope you got everything done you needed to and are good for another year. :)

Stephanie J said...

Ugh that's the worst! The trying to swallow part!

Was this cavity stuff? I haven't had my wisdom teeth removed but I've had cavity work. I dread having to go under for the wisdom teeth. What if I don't wake up?! I know, I'm being ridiculous but this is how I think...

I did wake up when they were sticking the needle in one time. It's not a big deal to me since I'm not afraid of needles but they yelled at me for opening my eyes.

Liza said...

I've always hated having work done on my teeth because my mouth takes forever to numb. My dentist told me he has to give me 3 times what he gives a normal person so I don't feel anything. Luckily, he won't do any work until he is sure I'm numb.

I always felt the drill when I was growing up. My childhood dentist never believed me when I said I could still feel the drill.

~Virginia~ said...

oh man, i'm having flashbacks!

the wiping of the goo and gunk on the bib is the absolute worst--totally disgusting.

my sympathies!