Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hello?...Is this blog on?...Can anyone hear me?

Are people visiting and simply not commenting on my writerly post, or are people simply not visiting? **

Leave a comment just so I know someone is there and I'm not out here in the blogosphere all on my own.

**This is not to imply that I was not thrilled to read the comments of Kelly and Mary (thanks for stopping by!), and Stephanie J and Liz (hello again!).


Sarakastic said...

I read all of your posts. I really like the writerly ones, but I usually just don't have any input. I would love to be a writer, but whenever I try I just create really cool people who stand in a room & can't talk or really do anything, so I have an immense respect for the writing process & am always a faithful reader

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Looks like it's just you and me, Sarakastic! I'm in great company! ;)

Stephanie J said...

Alyssa I missed this yesterday! I checked and this post was definitely not here. Or perhaps I'm going blind. Or I was in my own little world. You're one of my daily blog visits. :)

Oh, and ditto on Sarakastic, I love the writerly posts too!

~Virginia~ said...

like sara, i have no input on the writerly process--but i'm here and reading!