Friday, March 28, 2008

Ahead of the Game!

I never watch the morning talk shows (unless I just happen to catch a couple minutes), and I never, ever watch the The Early Show. In college I got into the habit of watching The Today Show while eating breakfast, and I've been a loyal (if only occasional) viewer since. But I was glad to have caught it today, because it gave me the idea--TEN WHOLE MONTHS IN ADVANCE--for my sons' next birthday party. It will be a Quidditch Match! Obviously no one will be flying, but even without that, doesn't it sound intriguing??

**Sidenote: If you haven't read Harry Potter or seen any of the Harry Potter movies and don't know what I'm talking about, the best I can give you is, 'Get with it--you're missing soooo much!**

Apparently there is a college Quidditch craze sweeping the nation, with organized teams at sixty-five colleges, and that number growing. Rather than flying, you must run around with a souped-up H.P. style broom between your legs, and you wear team t-shirts, shorts, and capes! The three goal posts (can't remember what those are called) stick up out of the ground, and the Chasers try to get the Quaffle through the hoops while the Keepers try to keep it out. Meanwhile, the Beaters are pelting everyone with Bludgers. The creme de la creme is that the Snitch is actually a person dressed in gold/yellow running about with a sock or something hanging off him. To win and get an extra fifty points, you must capture the sock.

Now, admittedly, played at the college level, this sounds a little ridiculous (it looks it too--watch the segment here), but for a bunch of seven and nine year old boys, this sounds fantastic. I think my dad could totally get into the game if offered the chance of pelting these poor defenseless boys with beach balls. So many possibilities! Capes and brooms, and someone in a golden outfit! Fantastic!


Joanne Rendell said...

Can you believe that I have never read a HP or seen a movie? And I am, i have a lot in common with Ms Rowling. see here...

it sounds like a fabulous party idea though!

susanhatler said...

I really need to read the Harry Potters. Everybody loves them so I shouldn't miss out!

Barrie said...

Alyssa, who will you be in the game? :)

Actually, it does sound VERY fun for a kid's b'day party.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

There's definitely a connection somewhere in there, Joanne. ;)

Yes, Susan, you should definitely, definitely read them!! Pronto!

Barrie, I'll be Dumbledore, of course, overseeing fairness and good sportsmanship while exuding wisdom.