Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dr. Seuss Excitement !!!!

My younger son is in kindergarten, and while he's been learning plenty of new sight words, his teacher has also apparently been covering punctuation as well. He brought home his weekly reader, and in the middle of reading it, a book about rockets and space, read: Five, ellipsis, four, ellipsis, three, ellipsis, two, ellipsis, one... Blast Off, exclamation point!

I of course thought this was very cute and put up with it for a while, but eventually, I asked him to keep the punctuation silent. So then he started with the exuberant reading of words followed by an exclamation point, effectively shouting them. We read The Cat in the Hat the other night. Little did I know how many exclamation points are in that book (ellipsis) This is how the reading went:


Then we saw him step in on the MAAAAT!


And we saw HIIIIM!

The Cat in the HAAAAAT!

This went on and on and on--for pages. I thought he'd get tired of this high pitched, screechy shouting, but no, he just kept on, despite his scratchy throat, until finally I took over.

I have to wonder if this is how he reads in reading groups. If so, the teacher must LOOOOOOVE him!

In case you'd like to celebrate, Dr. Seuss' birthday is next Sunday March 2nd.


Vicki said...

I have to say I loved this post. I remember when my kids were little and Dr. Seuss was their favorite for this very reason. :)

Have you read The Monster At The End of This Book to him yet? Lot's of !!!! in that one.

Sarakastic said...

I know twenty year olds who read outloud in the same way, I wish I didn't know them, but it's cute when a kid does it.

Sally Lawton said...

Ah, that's so sweet. How cute :)

~Virginia~ said...

your son is too cute! :) I heart Dr. Seuss--i must figure out how to celebrate appropriately.

Stacy said...

Wow, that's great for kindergarten. I'm pretty sure I colored in kindergarten.

Green Eggs and Ham was always my favorite Seuss book.