Monday, November 26, 2007

Ahhh...Charleston...Good Times!

I mentioned last week that I was giving my sister the first 100 or so pages of my WIP and that she'd promised to read it. Knowing I'd be ceaseless in my nagging, she read it while I was there, and even gave me a glowing (if somewhat facetious) review:

"A rip-roaring, rollicking good read! Quite an admirable second effort by this author, who with a little tweaking, could have a first-class book on her hands."

-Name Withheld, author of Help! My Younger Sister Holds a Grudge: Ten Annoying Childhood Memories Revisited

(For the gullible among you, she's not really an author. This is just a poke at me for remembering, and occasionally bringing up at family gatherings, a few best-forgotten aspects of my childhood. All I can say is that I'll do my best.)

But otherwise, even taking the facetiousness into account, that's almost a sparkling review! I'm very pleased.

Other highlights of the visit were this a re-enactment of Gretel von Trapp's young life:

And the creatively draining task of piecing together a vignette of crafted creations:


Vicki said...

I love the review and she does sound like an author with great titles. :)

Love the pics.

Now, it's back to normal life...wait put the brakes's almost time for Christmas. Somewhere in all the busy times this holiday brings I'm sending lots of good writing vibes your way. :D

Beck said...

That was a terrific review and I think your sister might need to write that book.