Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Little Black Dress

I clicked a link on Thursday's Mirth in Manchester blog and found Little Black Dress. Having never heard of this publisher, probably as a result of its being in the UK, I was intrigued and explored the entire site. I love the book covers--I'd pick these books up from a bookshop display table in a second. And I love the publisher's logo--how cute is that.

So I clicked the link over to Amazon on a couple of books and eventually found Lost for Words. Seeing its near-five-star rating, I scanned down to read the reviews, and found this lovely review--a poem!--by R. Dastidar of London, UK

Warm, wise and delightful,
A frothy romance,
I say this book is wonderful
And worth a chance.
Spend some time in the company of Daisy;
Publishing type, far from lazy.
Looking for love in a manner haphazardly,
An unsuitable boy causing melancholy.
Then an unbidden manuscript
Causes joy and perhaps a sight
Of a better love, one that's right.
And of the question - how to get it?
Lorelei tells us with verve, style,
And definitely makes it worth your while.

How awesome to have a jaunty little poem written about your book. Now I want one.
All in all, a lovely avalanche of finds!


Sally Lawton said...

So pleased to have helped you discover Little Black Dress! I love their books.
If you haven't already, definitely try Decent Exposure by Phillipa Ashley.
I'm busy collecting them!

I loved the poem too!

liz fenwick said...

Little Black Dress books are great and I beleive they are coming your way....the parent company is Harper and I think they will launch in the US in late 2008 or early 2009 if my memory isn't failing ( which it could be).

Thanks for stopping by my blog:-)

Vicki said...

Love the poem and to have one done about your book would be awesome.

Thanks for the new link.

Liz - thanks bunches for the heads up on when they may be coming here.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Yes, thanks for the info, Liz. But that's so far away, so long to wait...

And thanks for the recommendation, Sally! Now I just have to get past the shipping. ;)