Sunday, August 12, 2007

Number Two

Today my local RWA chapter had it's 2nd Annual Author/Bookseller Reception, and while the turnout wasn't what we'd hoped, it turned out very nicely. Last year we'd scheduled the reception in September, and while we were told by a large number of booksellers that they were very interested in attending, many said it was a very busy time for them, what with school book fairs and Christmas coming. So we only had booksellers from about eight stores in attendance. Still a very nice event.

This year, we solicited advice as to a better date and time. Sundays in the summer were recommended. So here we are, on a summer Sunday. We had RSVP's from six booksellers this year--three showed up, although a couple of stores did send multiple representatives. Still a nice event. I just wish we'd had a better turn out. We have forty-one stores on our list here in the Houston area--you'd think we'd score a little more interest. No one from any of the Borders stores showed up (for the second year in a row), and only one bookseller from Barnes and Noble. The rest were independents. And they all left with goodie bags filled with author freebies, a list of our author websites, and some of Stephanie Bond's suggetions for booksellers.

I'd mentioned I'd maybe be bringing a 7-layer dip, but remembering last year's plethora of dips, decided to bring homemade cookies instead. Dismayed reaction as I came in the door: 'I thought you were bringing the 7-layer dip!' Apparently no one else had planned to bring any dips, so I and another member had to run to the store to get some premade 7-layer dip, tortilla chips, supplemental fruit, and cheese. My cookies, however, were much admired and enjoyed.

So now I'm tired, wondering what happened to the booksellers, wondering how to rally them en masse next year, and ready to be done with this event for another whole year.


Christine d'Abo said...

It sounds like you had a great event, Alyssa. And you can never go wrong with 7-layer dip! Yummy. :)

Beck said...

7 Layer Dip IS pretty awesome.
Sorry about the disappointing turn-out, but it sounds like a great event anyhow. Hopefully next year will see better numbers.

Stacy said...

Seven layer dip is the best. My mom makes it and we're always happy to gobble it up.

misa ramirez said...

Sometime it takes time to build an event, but it sounds like you are going to take what worked, tweak it, and go with again next year. I think it's a fabulous idea!! One that I might suggest to my own chapter, although we are doing our second annual Reader's Luncheon in Sept. and that's taking a lot of effort from those involved. Good luck next time around!

ERiCA said...

Mmmm.... seven layer dip!

What a fun idea! Sounds like a neat event, even if it wasn't the turn-out you'd hoped for.

susanhatler said...

Glad your Reception Event went well. All this talk of your cookies has given me a craving and the only kind I have here is store bought. Ho hum.