Monday, August 06, 2007

New Week, New Resolution

It seems just a teensy bit ironic that just days after I signed off from my '100 Words in 100 Days' Yahoo loop, with the excuse that I was hooked and ready to go off on my own--I didn't need to check in every day for motivation, I had it covered--here I am having only written a few days in the last week. They were actually very good days (at least I think so now), but still. Part of the problem is that my husband had the computer tied up most of the weekend trying to complete a six hour defensive driving course. (On the way back from Colorado, driving through a little town in northwest Texas, he missed a speed limit sign, and the ticket is for $180!)

So, since I don't really write anything with a pen and paper, and since I wasn't really looking to do 'fresh material' on my AlphaSmart, I instead used to time to read Me and Mr. Darcy (which I'm liking a lot) and get some stuff done around the house. But I'm starting to feel the distance, starting to get a little detached from my WIP. I need to focus this week and write everyday.

The problem I'm having right now is that my critique partner (whose opinion I do really respsect) keeps telling me I have too much description, too much internal reflection, and too many little asides. Okay. But then I read a book like Me and Mr. Darcy, for instance, and that sort of stuff is littered all over the place. And I like it. makes me wonder if my C.P. and I just sort of like different styles or if my non-action/dialogue parts are just not interesting enough to pull her in. I'm having a lot of trouble with this, and I'm not really sure how to solve the problem. Other than to just make everything a lot more interesting. No sweat!

Oooh! I forgot some very exciting news. I've been appointed as an advisor in Stacy's new World Domination Regime. So, besides the writing, I'm searching for the perfect designer (all Stacy's advisors get a designer, a villa in Italy and an apartment in Paris--woo-hoo!), who'll say 'Respect Me, but Envy Me Too'. I'm tagged to do the World Domination Meme, but I think I'm happy toiling under Stacy.


Anissa said...

Good luck with getting back in the swing of writing every day. I'm kicking my butt back into gear this week too. I'm so much more productive when I do. Otherwise, I waste precious time rereading to get back into the flow of the story.

Thanks for mentioning Me and Mr. Darcy. I've been thinking of picking it up. Now I will. :)

Lucy said...

I was working with a critique partner for a while and she said basically the same thing about my stuff as yours said about you. Then she sent me a scene she had written - twice - once the way she says I write and once in what she considered a better way. Personally I liked the one written the way I write better. Which just goes to show that sometimes it is just a matter of preference and the bottom line is, it's your story so you have to be happy with the final product. You can take as much or as little of her advice as you want - it's only one person's opinion.

Chris said...
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Christine d'Abo said...

I know I find that accountability a major motivator myself. Even if it's as simple as putting the word count on my blog, it helps me keep going. I'm lucky that I have my own computer for writing and don't have to share. I'd never get anything done otherwise.

And have fun with the world domination!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I hope you like Me and Mr. Darcy, Anissa!

Lucy, I know it's ultimately up to me, but what I worry over is whether keeping it as wordy as I like it is really in my best interests. I think the fact that she's brought it to my attention may help me at least be aware of all the little 'extras' I add in there.

Christine, I totally agree about the accountability--I just didn't need to be accountable to a group anymore (or so I thought)--I thought I could manage on my own. And there's been a little snag, but I will!

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