Monday, June 04, 2007

Dual marathon

My husband and I are a little past the halfway mark on a Gilmore Girls First Season marathon. (If you can really call a couple of shows a night a marathon). The DVD's are due back to the library on Wednesday--I can't renew, already checked--so we're trying to power through them. And despite the complaints early on, my husband is sooo totally hooked. He actually cues it up now and insists we watch 'just one more', even though that means he's going to bed at midnight (which he NEVER does). Last night I teased him for literally 'giggling like a school girl'. He's a total convert and a closet romantic--I think his favorites are the shows where either Lorelai or Rory has a date. I'm going to have to pace him through the summer as we try to work through the remaining seasons. Then he'll probably be crushed the show's be cancelled.

The second marathon I have going on is more personal one. I'm reading Stephenie Meyer's New Moon and am HOOKED! I've had this book since before Christmas, having read and loved Twilight last year. But I didn't want to pull it out because I knew I'd be obsessed. As I've mentioned on this blog before, I'm not one of those people who can't put a good book--even a great book--down. No problem with that. But not these. There's just something hypnotic almost about these books. I don't like scary books, but these books are thrilling, spine-tingling, enthralling. They're also 500+ pages long! So you can't just whip through one--well I can't. You really have to dedicate some time. Let me just say that I was on page 13 on Friday night, and I'm on 450 now. And while I could be reading now, I have to get some things done sometime! I'm hooked, I've gotten my niece and sister hooked, and even my brother couldn't put the book down over the Christmas holidays. Literally--he wouldn't socialize with any of us, just sat reading. If you're not aware of these books--get them, read them, be amazed. Book #3, Eclipse (the third in a series of five) comes out in August. I'm psyched.


Sara Hantz said...

Thanks for the heads up, Alyssa. I'll look out for them

Thomas said...

How is Houston these days? I miss my hometown.