Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Love About Target
I'm posting early because I can't post tomorrow--Have a great Thursday!

1. The atmosphere--certainly it's dampened by a Target that's too crowded or unkempt, but something about that bulls-eye and those chipper store signs just perks me right up.

2. Customer Service--they are better than anyone, bar none. They're lightning fast with returns, they can look up your purchase if you don't have the receipt, and there are really no questions asked (not that I'd have trouble with a couple of questions, but still...)

3. Book Selection--both children's and adult. They have all the bestsellers, some up and comers and a sprinkling of the rest. And everything is discounted!

4. Target Cafe--my son and I actually eat lunch there almost once a week. Ours serves Pizza Hut pizza, which my son gets, and I either get their $2 hot dog combo (hot dog and drink) or $1 popcorn combo (popcorn and drink)--Delicious!

5. Starbucks--on a very rare chilly day, I stop in at the in-store Starbucks and treat myself to a Chai tea while I browse--I feel very pampered.

6. One-stop shopping--I can spend hours in a Target. They have so much to look at, so many different things, that I can get everything I need at one store that I love.

7. Home decor selection--Target has a very good sampling of different styles and they sell throw pillows, vases, picture frames, etc to accent or update your abode very affordably. Probably a good quarter (maybe even a third) of my home is decorated a la Target.

8. Toys--whenever I'm shopping for birthday parties, I come here, because I can get something unique and inexpensive. They have all the popular toys, plus a selection of 'thinking games and toys' and then a high-quality Target brand which I can't remember the name of--I always find something good.

9. The Dollar Spot--who can resist a bunch of bins loaded with dollar bargains? Great for party favors, gift baskets, teacher gifts...

10. Bakery (in Super Targets)--Target has my favorite cupcakes with buttercream frosting, and you can get six for $2. The chocolate is a little dry, but the white is divine! Plus, I've bought sheet cakes there, and had them print a graphic onto edible paper and then lay it on the cake--turned out awesome! My sons LOVE their free kid cookies too.

11. Designers--Target has some good brands, but they also bring in designers to supplement their already great collections.

12. Seasonal--I love to watch the store change for the seasons--from the Summer merchandise, to Back to School, to Halloween, to Christmas, to Spring and Gardening.

13. Shoes and handbags--inexpensive and cute, what more can I ask for?

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Catherine Avril Morris said...

Ohhhmygod. I think you've posted about Target before, and I've posted a comment about my own deep love for all things Target. But, just had to write in again to shower your blog with agreement and props--Target is so wonderful! I love the atmosphere there too! (I go there when I'm in a bad mood because it cheers me up so fast and so thoroughly--even when I don't buy a thing.) I love the designers too! (I like to say that Mossimo is my favorite designer...sad-ish, but true.) Much of my warm, bright, colorful, stylish home is also a la Target!


Virginia said...

I love the one-stop shopping!! They're currently renovating the Target closest to me and I'm SO excited!

Hopefully this will also beef up their book selection. The only books I ever seem to find are Rachel Ray cookbooks! Bleh.

Christine said...

I so seriously miss Target. It was one of my highlights of living in Virgina Beach. I need to go on a road trip to the US again so I can go shopping!

Beck said...

No Targets in Canada! I am SO ripped off! We do get Zellers though. C'mon! Zellers!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I first met Target when I was in grad school, and when it finally came here, no one could understand why I was so excited about it. Now, they get it.

Of course.

Happy TT!

Lara Croft said...

The only thing I don't like about my Target is that it's not a SUPER Target which I just love! But they are a store that has come a long way baby - LC

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

since i don't do WalMart - ever, Target is definitely one of my go-to stores. We don't have an in-store Starbucks though...hmmmm - i wonder if that's what all the rennovating they're doing is for.

Miss Frou Frou said...

We have Target here in OZ, but no cafe's or Starbucks at ours. Still, great stores, with excellent value items.

Stacy said...


I have to go to Target either tonight or tomorrow to pick up some new shorts. Love that place!

Katkat said...

I have to agree with you one all points..but yours has a Starbucks!! Shut up!
Anyway, I love the dollar bins and the toys are great...i really want to go to target bad I have to wait til tomorrow for payday lol.

Julia said...

OMG I can't believe your store has Starbuck inside the Target building! That would be one of the wonderful things to have. Although we do have seperate Starbuck cafe here. It been a very long awhile since I visit Target...hmmm maybe I should do that tonight *grin*

Happy T 13- have a good day!

ERiCA said...

LOL at all the Target love!!

Julie S said...

Ah, Target. The most serene place on earth. I can't handle Super Target though. I'm too exhausted after walking the whole thing. But regular Target? Bring it on.