Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Update, Complete with Excuses

I had a really good productive day today. (Don't want to jinx myself and find out tomorrow that I hate all the writing that I did today, but now there's no going back). I didn't get called to sub today--and actually I was going to say no if the director did call as I really needed today--and I came home and wrote, wrote, wrote. I didn't read email or surf around the internet, or get distracted, or any of that. I barely looked at the clock (which is great for me). I'm crossing my fingers that absolutely everything will be ready to go, to be sent out Thursday morning. My son only has a half day of school, so I don't have much to work with. Scary possibility: what if I get called to sub. It's Easter egg hunt day...I don't know if I'd be able to resist.

Okay...the weekend. I did not accomplish my goals. Well, I suppose one of them: I finished Little Lady, Big Apple. Really liked it, but the first in the series is still my favorite. I didn't get much writing accomplished at all given that one son was invited to a birthday party, and the other stayed home (with me), my husband took one son to a Rockets game and the other one stayed home (with me), and my husband decided to do some work on the taxes (on the computer I use to write). So...writing didn't get done. So...I'm frantically trying to make up time this week. I WILL get this out if it kills me.

On a happy note, I'm on Day 12 of writing 100 (or more) words in a day. I'm proud of myself.


Beck said...

Hurray for productive days! Keep it up!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Gotta love it when you can stay productive. Send your vibes my way.