Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I'm Looking Forward To Tomorrow

1. Mother's Day Out!

2. My younger son has a Spring Program in the morning, and the kids in his class (and the two younger classes) will be singing some Texas-related songs. My son has been singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" around the house. Very cute.

3. Our family will be making a good showing. My husband and I will be there, along with my mom, and my in-laws.

4. My mom is spending the day with us (and part of Friday too).

5. A free day without writing (except, of course, my 100 words)! I love my writing, but a day off--a real day off--every once in a while is nice too.

6. Lunch out--maybe fish tacos if I'm lucky.

7. A little shopping...

8. My older son has a program in the evening: Bugz! He gets to unwrap one of the little girls who transforms from a cocoon into a butterfly.

9. Chicken Pie and Key Lime Pie

10. Crossing my fingers here...a fixed dishwasher.

11. Finding Neverland

12. Looking forward to Friday.

13. Visits from Thursday Thirteeners!

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Stacy said...

Do you welcome visits from non-Thursday Thirteeners, too? I'm actually a bit curious about Thursday Thirteen, but just baffled enough by it not to join in.

I LOVE fish tacos! May it be your lucky day for lunch.

Annie said...

Lots going on for you today! All I've got going to for me aside from TT is watching "Survivor" tonight.

Make sure you have a box of tissues when watching Finding Neverland... you'll need it!


Stacy said...

Yet another comment :) Just letting you know that you won my blog contest.

Christine said...

Key Lime pie...*drool*

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. You sure deserve it!

Christine said...

You'll be busy tomorrow.Did you say Fish tacos and Key Lime Pie are my weakness.

Have a great day!Sounds like lots of fun.

Happy Thursday!

Julia said...

Have a wonderful early "Mother Day" off, sound like you going to have great time! Maybe you can post and let us know how that day went *grin*

Thanks for visiting my blog :) Happy T13 - and have great time!

Trish Ryan said...

Can someone PLEASE explain to this Maine Girl what a fish taco is??? I'm picturing a bunch of mackrel staring out at me from a taco shell, and I know that can't be it...

Your son's programs sound adorable....hope you had a wonderful day :)

Stephanie Janulis said...

I haven't actually had a fish taco, but they sound very appealing! I need to go and get myself some of that!

Katkat said...

Busy lady. But fish taco's yuck!

Sara Hantz said...

What's a Key Lime Pie????

Julie S said...

Sounds like a busy day! Hope it was great!