Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Since I don't really have time to post anything much today, I thought I'd open the blog up to anyone's opinions on what gets you to pick up/buy/read a book. I mentioned in yesterday's post that I totally read the author quotes. I don't have much time to read the blurbs at the store--I'm always toting one or more children. I find my mind wandering if I try to read them, and besides, I sort of want to be surprised.

Anyway, Catherine Avril-Morris was surprised by this admission, commented on this blog, and posted about it herself. I not only replied to her comment on my blog, but commented on hers as well. So I won't rehash any of that here.

What I would like to know is...what gets to you?

The blurb? The cover? The quotes? The hype? The reviews? The recommendations?
This is good marketing info.

Kid Humor:
My little one has a favorite pair of navy blue underwear. It was actually in the first pack I ever bought him when he was two and starting to potty-train. They're still a little large (he has a tiny hiney), but he wants them as soon as I do a wash. He got them out last night and pulled them on to wear for a school day. So this morning, I'm blow-drying my hair, and he comes in and peeks over the counter, hopping up and down, admiring himself front and back in his undies. It was adorable.


Sara Hantz said...

The blurb, plus I always read a few pages through out the book (never the last page though). Also, if I've read a book by the author before and loved it then I usually buy their next ones. I'm not usually swayed by covers, though a cover may make me pick up a book to check it out.

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Hey, thanks for minor-celebritizing me right back! :)

As we've been discussing--I'm attracted to a good lookin' cover, an interesting back-cover blurb about plot, good first page/paragraph, etc. I'm also always curious when a lot of people are talking about a book I've never heard of, even if they're not too impressed with it. I'll usually go over to Amazon to check it out, and read the first couple pages. That's how I ended up reading Emily Giffen's "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue," in fact--suddenly, everyone just seemed to be talking about those books, and I wanted to know what the buzz was about. So I guess word-of-mouth really works!

Sarakastic said...

There's two things that will ensure that I won't buy a book 1. A review saying how much the main character is like Holden Caulfield. Now I like Holden Caulfield as much as the next guy, but it seems like everyone under the sun has that comparison made about their book.

2. Awards proudly boasted like the "winner of the 3rd annual milkman's choice for best books", I'd much rather just be told what the book is about instead of having lots of awards that aren't that prestigious. Same goes for any book that just has reviews on the back cover & no blurb.

Beck said...

I never just buy a book in the bookstore without planning - I generally check books out on Amazon first and see what readers and reviewers have to say.

Annie said...

Well, if it's in my house, I read it. Most of my books come from friend recommendations or loans. However I do go on sprees where I will pick up random books.

So what gets me:
- Blurb: I like having an idea of what the story is about
- First line: It's probably terrible of me, but a lot of my spontaneous book buying comes down to first lines
- Author quotes on the cover: If I recognize an author giving a quote on the cover, I'd definitely give the book a chance.

I very very rarely pay attention to cover art. I don't pay any attention to reviews. As far as hype (i.e. book club selections and such), I ignore that, too.

Stephanie Janulis said...

It's so funny reading everyone's catch-factor! For me it's the cover (even the font makes a diff) and the blurb. I never, ever look at author quotes. I think it comes from having worked at a publishing company and seeing how they got their author quotes!

Most importantly, tho, I'll get something if a friend has read it or it has rave reviews from my online friends.

Stacy said...

The cover determines what I pick up. Then I go by the description on the back and, if I have time to do some reading in B&N, the first chapter.

I read the author quotes, but I never put faith in them.

Katkat said...

lol an mine has a tiny hiny too.