Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Seinfeld Guest Stars That Used the Show As a Springboard

(This one was my husband's idea).

1. Courtney Cox (Friends)
2. Jane Leeves (Frasier)
3. Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls)
4. Jami Gertz (Still Standing)
5. Kristen Davis (Sex And The City)
6. Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde)
7. Debra Messing (Will & Grace)
8. Amanda Peet (Studio 60 on Sunset Strip)
9. Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives)
10. Christa Miller (The Drew Carey Show/Scrubs)
11. Marlee Matlin (West Wing)
12. Debra Jo Rupp (That 70's Show)
13. Valerie Mahaffey (Desperate Housewives)

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Sarakastic said...

I had no idea Lauren Graham was on Seinfeld. I knew I felt like there was a void in my life!

Darla said...

Oh, that's cool! I had no idea all those actors had guest-starred on Seinfeld.

I always enjoy watching older series and picking out the guest stars who've since made it big. I remember seeing Farrah Fawcett on The Odd Couple. (a re-run, that is--I'd probably seen the original, but as she wasn't famous at the time, I obviously didn't remember)

Trish Ryan said...

This is too funny - great idea by your hubby!

Beck said...

That's quite the list - fun idea!

Annie said...

I loved the Courtney Cox episode! She and Jerry made a great pretend-married couple!

Happy TT!

Vicky said...

Great TT! I had no idea! I'm a big Gilmore Girls geek... and I swear I must have seen every Seinfeld episode! When did I miss it? *crying* ;)

Katkat said...

The one with Terri Thacher is my fave!

Stacy said...

Isn't so funny to watch old episodes and see people from other shows that were nobodies at the time?

Angela/SciFiChick said...

I loved that Teri Hatcher episode.. though that was when she was doing The Adventures of Lois and Clark.

Amanda Brice said...

Loved this one!

Christine said...

I'm always amazed when I see actors/actresses on shows before they made it big. They always seem to look so young to me!

Julie S said...

Awesome - two Seinfeld posts in a row. I'm getting the urge to watch some reruns now!