Monday, February 26, 2007

I got my boys back today! I hadn't seen them since Friday afternoon, and I really missed them. But the past couple of days I've felt like I'm living in some sort of fuzzy weirdo-world. It could be due to the fact that I have a cold and am stuffed up to the point of being in my own personal isolation chamber, but I'm thinking no.

In the past week, I've twice been to restaurants that have run out of something. My husband and I tried to go to Taco Milagro last night to try it out, and we were greeted at the door with the explanation that they were out of food and were working on it. They suggested we give it an hour. We left. Last weekend, Taco Cabana was out of chicken at 12:00pm. Who, I ask you, is eating all this chicken before that? Seriously.

Today the boys had the day off of school, and we went to the zoo. Most all of the little plackets specifying which animals were in the exhibits had been removed. Why would that be? Plus, whole sections of the zoo were closed off, being revamped I suppose, but it still felt very strange.

Then we stopped at Wendy's for lunch, and the line was moving quick, the workers filling the orders at a snappy pace. Until I got up there. They took my order, and then it was as if the whole place stopped. The lady in line behind me commented on this strange turn of events. I'd ordered a salad and an iced tea (my mother-in-law had already been through the line and ordered her lunch and the boys'). Those Wendy's salads are premade, so I'm not sure what the trouble was like a Twilight Zone moment.

Very curious.

I spent most of the weekend alone, which is nice every once in a while. My kids were with their grandparents, and my husband had to work, so I wrote and tried to breathe. It was very quiet here. I suppose it's possible that I had an alien visitation. But I haven't found any unrecognizable marks that would hint at experiments... I'll keep you apprised.


Katkat said...

I worked fast food for 6 yrs. We would make the salads in the morning. If we ran out we had rto make it there and then and you had to make at least 6 not just one, which is dumb but I bet thats why it took so long.

Lindsey said...

The restaurant ran out of food!? And said they were "working on it"? What kind of restaurant runs out of food! They were both Taco places...coicidence?

My conclusion: There WAS an alien visitation, and they love chicken tacos.

Stacy said...

Hah! Having worked in many a restaurant as a server, I'm amused. I recall once, while working in a steakhouse, we ran out of both sirloin and potatoes. I remember the cook blamed it on the tall ships festival going on in neighboring Bay City. Also, whatever one runs out of is always what people will ask for that day, no matter how random it may be.

Lindsay might be right about the aliens.