Monday, February 05, 2007

Custom Closet

This post is for my husband.

We have quite a large closet in our Master Bedroom, but we've been totally inefficient at using all the space. So our closet has been a mess since about Day One, which has now been almost seven years. So with The Container Store having their Elfa sale, we decided to go crazy and get organized. Last Sunday we bought all the pieces, loaded up the car with them, and drove it all home. All of it sat on the floor in our bedroom for the entire week, and then Saturday evening my husband decides to get started.

He took everything out of the closet (most of it is now in our living room, which is right off the front hall) and proceeded to remove the rods, shelving, and brackets already mounted in the closet. He hadn't planned on repainting but made such a mess of the walls getting things out of there that we had to. Then he finds out we don't have enough paint. So I went out yesterday do get another gallon while he tried to use a Harbor Freight carpet stretcher to smooth out a lump in the doorway.

When I got home he met me at the closet door and told me he'd cut the carpet an inch too short--but that you wouldn't be able to tell after everything gets put back. We'll see. So we painted everything and it's looking pretty good. His finger is jammed from trying to remove the shelving, and his knee is swollen from the carpet stretcher, but he's eager to keep going.

So he gets out the diagram for our New and Improved Closet and gets to work putting in the support strips and the braces. He goes to put the first shelf, on and it's too long--evidently his specifications were very 'tight'. So now he's going to have to cut a few of them. Out comes the hacksaw, but come to find out, his blade is too dull, and the replacement blades he bought don't fit. So today I'm shopping for hacksaw blades, and tonight...we'll see.

He says to me, "I hope this is all going to warrant a blog entry." I asked why. His answer: "Because it has been way more trouble than I imagined. Me: "And you think a blog entry is going to make up for all that? Him: "Yep."

So here it is...stay tuned.


Christine said...

Oh your poor husband! I feel your pain with the home improvements. This sound like what would happen if me and my husband would try to do something like this. I wish you the best of luck in getting it done!

Beck said...

Now you guys need to come over and fix MY closet.

Lindsey said...

I began reading this blog thinking "Oh, this is something that I need to do too!"

And now...well...I think I'll keep my messy closet for a while. ;D

Stephanie Janulis said... there's some complicated fixing up! Good luck...and hopefully it all turns out gorgeous and wonderful and you can look back and say, see, we knew what we were doing the whole time! haha! How many people can say that they have their very own closet soap opera?

Julie S said...

Wow, all that effort definitely warrants a blog entry! LOL. Just imagine how it will all look when it's done. It will be so worth it! Good luck!

Jenny Rough said...

Aw, I feel for the guy!