Monday, January 15, 2007

Vegging All Day

It's chilly here in the land of sun and humidity. We're poised for one of those very rare cold snaps. There's the possibility of sleet over night, and the city is collectively biting its nails. But for now, I'm inside, and the electricity is still running.

Today we braved the cold and chilly rain (my little one kept asking when it was going to sleet already) to go see Arthur and the Invisibles, movie #1 from my Kid Movie List. We all liked it; it was very cute. After coming home, I spent probably close to an hour trying to get my Alyssa Goodnight quarterly newsletter out. (It hasn't come out for six months now). The pickle of the matter is that I really don't have much to say that readers of my first book (released two years ago now) will want to hear. They've been hearing, 'I'm working on it' for several newsletters now. I suppose it's a really good thing I don't actually have a publishing contract, because the way things have been going lately, I don't know how I'd manage to meet its terms.

So anyway, the newsletter should put everyone off for a few more months, at which time I can hopefully say that I have something to tell them. Although, if I go the traditional publishing route, assuming (extraordinarily optimistically) that I could get an agent lickety-split, my next book wouldn't come out until 2008, 2009, somewhere in there. No one is going to be pleased to hear that. My other choice is making another stab at self-publishing. And that, my friends, is a LOT of work!

After the newsletter went out, I played Omagles with my little one. Those things (a Christmas gift) are COOL! I even finished our chosen project (a mini jungle gym) after the little one disappeared. Alas, I'm too heavy to climb on it, so he reaps all the rewards.


Christine said...

That is a big decision, Alyssa. I've heard that it is a lot of hard work to self pub. But it is so hard to wait for the big publishers.

Good for you for putting out a newsletter. I don't think I'm ready to do one yet. I barely have time to blog!

Beck said...

We went to see Nights at the Museum on the weekend and that was a very fun kids' movie, too. Now I want some Omagles! Those are COOL!

I don't know about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. You should write a book about it!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Hey, whatever works for you. And I'm with Christine, I barely have time to blog. Some day I'll do a newsletter.

Lindsey said... these days...I wish we had those when I was young. My coolest toy was an easy-bake oven.