Tuesday, January 30, 2007

24 Confusion

Can someone please tell me what happened with Karen Hayes last night on 24? During that blackmail confrontation with Tom Lennox, she seemed totally unthreatened, ready to take whatever he was dishing out. And then in the next scene, she's offering her resignation. I don't get it...have I missed something, or are we not supposed to know what's going on yet?

Also...where were the guards in the detention center when Walid was getting beaten up?!

Usually I can suspend my disbelief pretty well for this show...how Jack's cell phone works absolutely anywhere and can do absolutely anything, and how he can be anywhere in the city of LA in less than an hour... We can't even do that in Houston...

But last night stumped me.


Christine said...

I'm not sure to be honest Alyssa. I think she knew things would get really messy and it wasn't worth the fight. And this way she can get back home with her hubby. :)

My biggest issue is the fact that Jack and his brother and father look NOTHING alike. There better be an adoption explaination coming.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

I don't watch 24 but I heard it was good.