Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Sassy Bits of Life Advice
Courtesy of Artgirlz

1. Create the Unexpected *

2. Pick up Litter

3. Work for Peace

4. Use your Blinker

5. Plant Flowers

6. Be Brave *

7. Be Bold *

8. Breathe and Smile

9. Take a Bath

10. Eat Chocolate *

11. Learn New Things *

12. Break the Rules *

13. Wave to your Neighbor (or Blogging buddy) *

* Tips that can be used in life as well as writing.

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Swishy said...

I'm definitely down with the chocolate!

Christine said...

These are excellent tips! I agree, the chocolate one is the best. :)

Katkat said...

I love #4 and #10!If we all did this it would be a better world. Happy TT!

Trish Ryan said...

Don't kid yourself - at a certain point, "Take a bath" is solid advice for writers, too.

Trish Ryan said...

To clarify - I was speaking to myself there. I cast no dispersions on Alyssa's hygiene!!!


Annie said...

Would have to agree, the chocolate one is the best!!