Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Love Thanksgiving

1. There's such a build-up and a huge amount of least in my mind.

2. The menu-planning--for some reason, I find this fun. Despite the fact that the menu is pretty much the same every year.

3. The camaraderie with family and friends, our common goal being the making and eating of a delicious, satisfying meal (with plenty of leftovers).

4. All the different smells...roasting turkey, pumpkin pie, cinnamon and ginger, homemade rolls (that last one only if I'm spending Thanksgiving with my mom...which I am this year).

5. The preparation of Thanksgiving dinner (if not overly stressful...meaning if the turkey was not forgotten in the freezer or a key ingredient found missing).

6. The football games...sort of an ambient noise for me.

7. Being cozy and warm inside when it's chilly, rainy, or downright cold outside. Except on those freak holidays when we're all wearing shorts...and sweltering in a kitchen with the oven on for hours.

8. Filling my plate will all those things that I don't make at any other time of the year...totally conscious of all my options.

9. Watching movies while totally stuffed, but still managing to fit in a few bits of Christmas candy, holiday cookies, or snatches of leftovers.

10. Knowing that this holiday is the threshold to bigger things...that Christmas (and all of its trappings) is just around the corner.

11. Feeling justified in getting the holiday decorations out, playing the Christmas music, and getting in the spirit.

12. Getting prepped and ready for a full shopping day Friday, The Day After.

13. And of course, family and all they represent.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a painless start to the holiday season!

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Djembe said...

It's wonderful isn't it! Reading all the Thanksgiving 13s I'm really excited about the upcoming holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm up at

Djembe said...

mmmmk. not sure why it published under my husband's name...but OK is my spot on the web...

Caryle said...

I love the food at Thanksgiving. This year is a little bittersweet since we're not getting together with the rest of the family, but I'm determined to have fun anyway!

Christine said...

Turkey...happy Thanksgiving! Have some pie for me. :)

Beck said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I find menu planning fun, too. And the beginning of the Christmas season is the sweetest, really.

Trish said...

My favorite part of thanksgiving was always the food options - and that my mom let me bypass vegetables for that one meal to make room for the foods I really wanted. Honestly, you could have just sat me in a corner with a giant plate of stuffing and I'd have been happy every year :)

Have a wonderful day!

Katkat said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Rae said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was as great as the anticipation building up to it. '-) for my TT13

Sara Hantz said...

Happy Thanksgiving.... not coming from USA I don't celebrate it but it sounds like a great holiday. Does everyone celebrate?

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Thanks for all the 'Happy's'!
Yes, Sara, pretty much everyone celebrates--it's a big deal...or at least a big meal. :)