Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Favorite Things...One For Each Letter of the Alphabet (Part 2)

14. Newness: brand-spanking preferred.
15. Oranges and the color orange
16. Popcorn: caramel, kettle, or movie.
17. Quilts: homemade are best
18. Romance novels, romantic comedies, romantic gestures
19. Shopping, when under no pressure to find something
20. Twilight
21. Unladylike Pursuits. The book, of course, and the very idea.
22. Vacations and vintage stuff
23. Windy days and watermelon
24. Xtra features on DVD's
25. Y'all! My blogging friends.
26. Zoos

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Beck said...

Fun list! love orange (the fruit and the colour), too. But popcorn? Not so much. Everything else, I'm there.

Jaci Burton said...

I love quilts. They're my favorite blanket. Have one on my bed and have an old ratty one on my couch to snuggle up with *g*

My TT is up

Angela James said...

Even better, romance novels, quilts and popcorn all at the same time!

Christine said...

Popcorn! I love popcorn because it doesn't make me feel icky like chips do. Great list. :)

Annie said...

Okay! I signed up for a Google account so I can finally comment on your great TT's!

I loved this list and last weeks! And the popcorn one made me laugh because my mom and I went through a whole tub of caramel popcorn the other night when she came to visit. Good stuff!

Katkat said...

Romance novels, Quilts and Popcorn sounds like good rainy day fun to me. Happy TT.

Caryle said...

My favorite popcorn has to be cheese. I love the color, the taste, the stuff it leaves behind on your hands. I don't know why. :)

I'm super excited that one of my best friends is planning to make me a quilt. It's going to be fabulous.

And I definitely love romance novels

Rae said...

I think I love everything you do, this time and I agree with Angie that a quilt, romance novels and popcorn all at the same time and I'll even add in a slice of orange.

I have to have salt with my sweet & vice versa.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Hi Annie! Glad you can finally speak up!