Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Favorite Things...One For Each Letter of the Alphabet (Part 1)

1. Apples, skin on
2. Brownies...LOVE 'em. Oh, and Books too.

3. Christmas and all the trimmings
4. Desserts...I absolutely must end a meal with a dessert.
5. Enchiladas, Cheese
6. Feather pillows
7. Gerbera daisies

8. Humor, assuming it's funny
9. Ice cream. My favorite is milk chocolate ice cream with marshmallow creme on top.
10. Journals...I love the pristine blankness of them, the infinite possibility.
11. Kisses, both candy and lip.
12. Limes
13. Motherhood...Awww

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AnnaMary said...

I never stray from my cheese enchilada's at Mexican restaurants and I love Gerbera daisies too! Great list!

Christine said...

Of all the things I had to give up when I became lactose intolerant, ice cream is the one I miss the most. Those little pills I take don't always help, so I must stick with fruit sorbet. *cry*

Colleen Gleason said...

Hey!! Great idea for a list. I love Gerbera Daisies too. Aren't they the most bright-colored, happy flowers? A cluster of them in a bold colored vase is a desk-pleaser.

Thanks for coming by my TT!

Caryle said...

Gerbera daisies make it hard to be gloomy, they're just so cheerful!

My favorite ice cream in Cherry Garcia. It's sooooo good.

My list is up at my livejournal --
I'm talking about restaurants.

Jaci Burton said...

I LOVE brownies and I have a wicked sweet tooth - something about polishing off a meal with something sweet just does it for me.

Cheese enchildas rock! *g*


Rae said...

If I had to make a list like this, and this was an extremely clever idea--I'm new to T13, so having a hard time coming up with things...I think mine would look a lot like yours.

Loved the kisses one, both candy and on the lips. My favorite Hershey's Kiss are the cordial cherry ones. What about yours?

Thanks so much for dropping by!

Tug said... them!!

And on mine? I do have some of those pins, but don't wear them - they're on a bulliten board.

Happy TT, thanks for stopping by!

Viv said...
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Angela James said...

I'm a pretty big fan of motherhood myself ;) And limes if they're in Key Lime Pie, gin and tonics or Corona ;)

s@m said...

Oh, I love, love gerber daisies!

Happy TT!

Mine's up too

Trish said...

I LOVE Gerbera Daisy's - my husband brought me one on our first date :)

Jess Riley said...

agree, agree, agree, and so on! (Except the motherhood thing; I'm not there yet. :)

I really want brownies and ice cream now...

MommaM said...

I LOVE your list! It's so happy! And good for you, apples with skins on. My doc says it's healthier, so that's how my boys eat them now, too. ;)