Monday, November 13, 2006

Slip-slidin' Away

My WIP is becoming but a fond memory. I'm trying to keep it in mind, thinking of it anytime my cold isn't clouding my thoughts, or something else isn't demanding my attention, but what with the substitute teaching I did last week, my sons' illnesses, and my own cold, I've got excuses aplenty.

I did manage to finish Deb Dixon's Goal, Motivation, Conflict, which gave me lots of things to think about, and then there was the advice from Susan Wiggs, and my work at my plot board, so there's a lot of ideas swirling around upstairs, but none of them are getting written. Unless you count them being jotted in a little notebook.

Sure, you say...I could be writing right now. But I'm barely motivated to sit here as it is. I've just finished finagling the photo calendars I'm giving to a few lucky recipients as gifts this year and tweaking the final photo Christmas card so as to take advantage of today being coupon expiration day. I really want to go curl up with a book and a mug of hot chocolate. But why get too comfortable? I'm going to have to make dinner for my boys in a few minutes, and the torture of getting up after getting comfortable just isn't worth it. Not that it's in any way related, but I won't go into a hot tub in cold weather either, for this very reason. I anticipate how cold and miserable I'm going to be when I get out, and I can't take it. It just isn't worth it.

I should really go now...


Christine said...

I hear you on the feeling icky part. I'm hoping its a fast moving one.

Deb's GMC book was a real eye opener for me. If you ever have a chance to go to one of her lectures, take it. She is amazing and a real pleasure to talk to. When she came to my Toronto chapter, I felt like I had bruises on my forehead from the constant head slapping duh moments. :)

Trish said...'re down with a cold and you're STILL thinking ahead and creating crafty gifts for Christmas. So. Not. Fair.

I bet your children are sitting round a roaring fire right this minute, telling you how much they love you, asking if they can help out with any more chores around the house, and eating home-baked bread...


On a serious note, I hope you feel better soon...glad to see it's not keeping you down too much!

Swishy said...

I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas yet!

I love bubble baths, but I always have to run straight for the blankets when I'm done.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

We'd all be sweating profusely if we had a roaring fire going, Trish. It was 84 here today. The other stuff...not so much either. But it'd be just fine for you to imagine it's true. :)

And Christine,
I'd love to hear Deb Dixon talk. Everything in the book seemed so simple and yet so wise.

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Urg, my WIP is nothin' but a fond memory too. At least you had a cold as an excuse for not writing (I hope you're better now!). And, as I responded to your comment on my blog--I want to know more about this plot board! Have you posted about it before? Posted a photo, or anything? Hmm, maybe I can figure out how to search your archives. I'm real curious.