Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Photo Cards

It's getting to be about that time of year when I start thinking about Christmas cards. I know, I know, I disgust some of you, but I'm one of those pre-pre-planners, and because I always send out photo cards of the boys, some planning is necessary. I have to start thinking, come up with some ideas, decide on one, figure out all the details, actually take the pictures, narrow it down to one where they're both smiling, looking, have their eyes open, etc. Then the picture must be printed, enveloped, addressed, get it. There's work to be done.

We always try for a slightly humorous tone...This was our card (pre Christmas greeting) when our oldest son was one year old. It eventually read, "Merry Christmas from a real polar bear club" The photo taking was promptly followed by a clean-up effort. We'd decided to go crazy (a.k.a. sans diaper), and there was an incident.

So this year, my mom took some pictures at a sporting goods/hunting/fishing superstore sort of place in Phoenix and wondered if we could Photoshop the boys in... Maybe I could get a couple of toddler sized red and black plaid flannel shirts... Or a Tarzan theme with just little loin clothes...'raised by deer'.

I've put my writing off long enough...I should really get to it...


Catherine Avril Morris said...

I luh-huh-huve the card w/ your boy and the polar bears!!! Omg, how I wish I knew how to Photoshop... Wait, Erik does! Maybe we can think of something hilarious/awful to do with the dogs this year for a holiday card... hee hee hee!

Duchess said...

I love the picture with the polar bears. I think it adds so much to the holidays when you give that personal touch. Oh, I am also a pre-pre holidays person. Have started shopping and was just looking at cards. We must think alike. I posted TT several weeks ago about this same topic.