Monday, October 16, 2006


Well, I left amidst a downpour, and I returned to the same. I'm back from a three day jaunt out to Tucson with my husband (without the kids), and I'm happy to be home. Our flight out was delayed four hours due to thunderstorms all over Texas, and since we flew into Phoenix, we still had that drive down to Tucson. So we didn't get in until somewhere around 3am! Then, to add to the misery, the airline evidently let my suitcase fall into a puddle and sit. It was SOAKING wet. Friday morning was spent in my husband's t-shirt as I washed everything in my suitcase. I had a little hot pink silk purse in there that bled onto a few things, but miraculously the stains almost disappeared completely. Still, we went to the baggage service center, only to find out that they don't cover electronics (how they referred to my hairdryer, which ended up working fine) or paper (I had a brand new book in there that was completely trashed). So I was thinking I'd just get reimbursed $1.94 for my new toothbrush, but the guy actually gave us a $75 voucher for our next flight, so not bad, all in all. Irritating, but not bad.

Other than airport troubles, the trip was good...relaxing. We went on a hike up into Madera Canyon, discovered that hubby and I aren't in the best shape, and trekked back early, only to stop at a gelato bar. (No wonder we're not in shape). We had some good Mexican food, stocked up at Trader Joes--those Triple Ginger Cookies are addictive!--got our mountain fix for a while, and enjoyed a little unscheduled time without our boys.

But it's good to be home. Thanks to my mother-in-law for holding down the fort!


Trish Ryan said...

That sounds like a great trip, once the luggage issues were resolved - I can't believe the hot pink came out of your clothes, but I LOVE that you have a hot pink bag in the first place :)

Glad you and hubby had a fun escape!

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Oooh, it looks so beautiful there.