Saturday, September 16, 2006


Despite it's being in the mid-90's here, I'm starting to get into the spirit of autumn. And since we don't have the cool weather, the changing leaves, or any of that good stuff, we have to make due with food. I'm stocked up on candy corn, well really the 'Autumn Mix' with the chocolate corn and little mellowcreme pumpkins, I've been scoping out Halloween costumes with my little one, and I've been making Molasses Crinkles--my absolute favorite fall cookie. Plus I bought a bag of those tiny little Granny Smith apples. Now I know why they were $1.99 for five pounds--those things are SOUR! All I need now is to break out the Halloween decorations. But it seems a little early...and a little sweaty...

Watched Millions last night and thought it was very cute. It is a British film that is unique and funny and just plain fun. My husband fell asleep half way in, but woke up again about twenty minutes later with a second wind and finished watching with me. He liked it too.

I will be posting my 'Fast Draft' progress over the next few weeks, but probably not much else...except maybe some complaints and whining. So either stick around or come back in two weeks (please).


Swishy said...

YUMMY!!! Those look awesome!

Trish Ryan said...

I LOVE candy corns and the little pumkins...sooooo good!