Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Day Three

Another slow day. I'm tired, but I'm happy.
Only 12 pages today--kind of a let-down after yesterday but still tons more than I normally do. I'm not gonna worry about it. Tomorrow is another good writing day, and I'm really going to try again for 20...or more! That's the spirit, right?

Was writing yesterday about the potential for strange dreams during Fast Draft. My little one woke me up four times last night. This morning he told me he was dreaming he didn't have any lips! That would freak me out too!

On to another day of productive writing for all of us...


Karitown said...

No lips? That is really creepy. One of mine woke me up to tell me he was shivering. He's 8. You'd think he'd know enough to pull up the covers by now. Ugh. Good luck for more pages today.

Tempest Knight said...

12 pages? That's awesome! Give yourself a pat in the back. :)