Friday, August 18, 2006

Veronica Mars

Well, last night I saw my first (and second) episodes of Veronica Mars. I'd never even heard of this show until I read Ally Carter raving about it on her blog. Then there was a mention of it on Diana P's blog... Anyway, I decided to see what I was missing.

First let me say I liked it. I think the show has a LOT of potential (by that I mean in a TIVO slot), but I'm sorta lost. I was really trying to keep up, but there are a lot of characters, and the storylines are a little involved. Besides that, the show is builds on previous shows, so I don't think I had all the information I really needed to get the full effect.

But still, I liked it. The witty banter was lightning quick, and I'm sure plenty of lines flew right by without me even noticing. But the characters are fun and strong and quirky and I will definitely be watching again.

Talking about shows, Diana P mentioned her willingness to watch anything written by Aaron Sorkin, and I second that. I loved Sports Night when it was on (so did my husband), and we both really liked the West Wing and The American President. Now I'm looking foward to this fall's new show...don't remember the name of it.

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