Friday, August 11, 2006

Star Wars: My Own Personal Saga

My four year old is obsessed with Star Wars. Particularly Star Wars Lego sets and Star Wars Lego people, but really anything. Yesterday I was asked to draw Darth Vader, Bobba Fett, and a Grievous Guard (you have to see the movie). I had to have the little guy go fetch the action figures so I'd be able to make any sort of attempt. Still they were gruesome. We talk about Star Wars constantly, and lately our greatest obsession is trying to track down those little Lego people. Why on earth do they only sell those in the Lego kits??? I've only bought one Star Wars lego kit so far, but I'm sure my son would have talked me into buying multiple sets of people--they're just so darn cute! He sits on my lap and we cruise ebay for these little guys--very pricey!

If you need a little break from writing, check this out, and know that they are way cuter in real life.

I'm also currently in a position of needing to fashion some sort of Mace Windu Halloween costume (lego guy on the right) a size four toddler. Complete with cape and boots...

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