Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another mini slump

Well, thanks to everyone who posted. The cake actually turned out okay...(I let my mom try it first) hee hee hee. After having heard about my escapades, she scooped up a big spoonful of the frosting, and proclaimed it perfectly fine. We both had a piece oozing with frosting. What a relief. It's such a shame when you make a special trip to the store, buy all these special ingredients, and then cook/bake something that doesn't turn out. Nevermind that I wouldn't have had a cake for my mom... I'm quite relieved.

So I had the mini party at my mom's, which put me a little bit behind again. I pretty much don't write if I'm not at home. I write on my computer (which is not a laptop) and write new stuff while revising/rethinking the writing from the day (or week) before. So, at least on the current book I'm working on, I can't use the AlphaSmart I got last Christmas. I have so much of the book already written I don't want to just start shooting out entire new pages or chapters (who says I'm not optimistic?). So no work on the WIP Monday or Tuesday (unless I work on it tonight). Ah...but tomorrow certainly has promise. And Thursday is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! so I'll only have one little boy to distract with something...

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