Sunday, July 23, 2006

Great New Blog!

I'd been meaning to go back and check out Allison Winn Scotch's blog after I read about it on Diana P's blog and just kept getting side-tracked. But last night, the computer was free, the boys were in bed, and my husband was making a buying trip to Walmart, so I had a little time to roam online.

Well I went back to Allison's blog and read...and read...and read. There was no shortage of useful, insightful, thoughtful information on everything from agents, query letters, promotion, and on and on. And her writing style is so genuine and friendly, reading it feels like you're chatting with a friend....a friend in the know in the publishing business. I'm adding her blog to my short list: the list of blogs I let myself visit everyday. Gotta squeeze the writing in sometime....

Not only that, but after I surfed away from her blog, I visited Allison's author website and was very impressed. I'm very much looking forward to reading her debut release The Department of Lost and Found in May 2007.

I encourage you to go check her out!

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