Monday, July 17, 2006

The Day After

Well, I think there was some good discussion over at Romancing the Blog yesterday, but it looks like the stigma is here to stay until a few more authors take the 'road less traveled' and do it with style. (I'm just going to assume that I did...) And I say, why not? Particularly to the more successful authors. If an author has already made a name for herself, she has the fan base. If she's uninterested in the editing or cover design tasks, she could hire someone to take care of those aspects and still retain the rights to her books. Presumably she's already a pro at marketing and promotion... She could write on her own schedule without editor conflicts, bad covers, and any of the other quagmire that published authors often complain of. But there is security in NY...

As I finished up commenting on the comments of others yesterday, I noticed the previous RTB post about a newly discovered blog Teach Me Tonight where romance novels are discussed by professors and students studying the genre. Very interesting...although I'm not used to such heavy reading.

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