Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Fun

Something fun...
The marvelously ingenious Regency author Julia Quinn has come up with a way to keep readers happy while prolonging the appeal of her wildly popular Bridgerton series. She's offering 2nd epilogues to each of the books, providing a little window into what happened after the "Happily Ever After". So far, she's finished two and they are offered only in e-book format. Check her website for details.

Very interesting...
Author Karin Tabke recently hosted a Best First Line Contest on her blog. The contest is now closed, but the entries are still posted (as comments) in her blog. The five 'grand prize' finalists get the first ten pages of their manuscript read by Pocket Books editor Lauren McKenna. Some of them sound great--others ar doozies.

Amazon Rankings
On another note...does anyone know what's going on if you had an Amazon ranking but suddenly don't? It now says 'None' on both e-book editions of my book.

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Lucy said...

I'm a huge fan of Julia Quinn. I had never read her before Reno but now I've read all but one (and I ordered it today) of the Bridgerton books (not counting the one that comes out in a few weeks - can't wait!!!). I looked at her website today and the mention of the jewels from It's In His Kiss makes me want to read the epilogue NOW! Thanks for pointing that out. :-)