Thursday, May 18, 2006


Things have been very busy here with Mother’s Day and the fast approach of the last day of school. Today is my youngest’s last (half) day, and there goes my writing time… I still have one more week before my kindergartener is officially home for the summer. So, in between shopping and making teacher gifts, I’ve been trying to squeeze in some writing…and also some reading…and also some new marketing and sales.

I finally finished the submission process for getting my self-published book up onto Lightening Source to be distributed at online retailers as an ebook. I’m not sure anything will come of this, but I figure, if there are any sales, they’ll just be perks, because I had to expend very little extra effort to get the book into the appropriate formats.

Also, last I blogged, I mentioned the online Australian women’s magazine Beauty and Lace. Rather coincidentally, they currently have a review posted for my book, Unladylike Pursuits. The review is nice, but they liken the story to The Taming of the Shrew. Personally, I don’t see the connection—on any level, but maybe it’s all in the nuances.

In other news, I recently had an article published in the Romance Writers Report, the trade magazine for Romance Writers of America, and I mentioned in my author blurb that I am a self-published author. My husband joked over whether or not we had enough stock to supply the demand that would surely result from eager readers that would pop out of the woodwork as a result of the article. I set him straight: if anyone is dead-set against a self-published author, it’s an author who would never consider self-publishing. I have seen more derogatory posts on various loops, globally slamming self-published works and their upstart authors, than I would have believed possible. I say, read the book, then have an opinion. And by the way, you can buy it directly from me—I own the rights.

I’ll be updating my website and sending out my quarterly newsletter shortly, so if you’re interested, visit my site to sign-up.

Until next time...try not to melt in the pre-summer heat.

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