Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thwarted Again...

Well, evidently I won't pursue Amazon for e-book distribution. I was informed in an Amazon customer service form letter that I need not bother applying if I have fewer than 100 e-books to submit. Well one is definitely fewer than one hundred. On the bright side, they did encourage me to check back, saying that they would be unveiling a scaled down version of their program for those wishing to submit in smaller quantities.

I'm happy to say that my Amazon blog is now appearing on my book description page, and I've posted my contest and Florida signings, but right now I don't know what else to say there. Sometimes I don't even remember to come post here!

If you do happen to be in the Pensacola or Naples area next weekend, please come by and visit me at one of my two signings. Or...if you're really industrious, come for both!

On March 11, I'll be at the Pensacola Barnes & Noble from 1-3pm, signing--you guessed it--my one and only novel Unladylike Pursuits. And on March 12, I'll be at the Naples Borders from 12-2pm. I could use the company!

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