Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another Signing...

Today was my fifth book-signing, my first this year. It was at the Baybrook Borders in Webster, TX, on the outskirts of Houston. And I must say, it was a very nice experience.

I tried to go with the whole Valentine’s Day theme: I wore a red blouse, a beaded necklace with a heart pendant, and I set a red melamine bowl on the table filled with red and silver Hershey’s kisses. I thought it was all very festive.

Well virtually nobody even looked at my candy bowl…with the exception of possibly every kid who came through the door. But I still had a nice selection of people to talk to.

The first man to buy a book had actually been waiting for me. He had somehow (I didn’t think to ask him how) discovered that my book is self-published, and had driven 30 miles up from Galveston to meet and talk with me. He was not a romance reader but a self-published author himself. Then there was the man who recognized me from church and wanted to hear all about me and my book, and the lady that sailed over to confide, “I’m going to have to get used to doing this soon.” (When she mentioned how she intended to have a book of poetry published soon, I assumed she meant signing). She picked up my book, and I asked if she was a romance reader. I’m quoting her directly: “I’d rather die.” And the oddest thing was that she didn’t consider for a moment that I might think that just a tad bit offensive! My nature is not confrontational (with strangers anyway), so I just suggested she try reading one sometime before consigning the whole genre to the trash bin. Two guys came by, ostensibly checking out the book but really only wanting candy. I suggested the book as a V-Day gift for girlfriends and one said, “When’s it going to be a movie?” I had no answer for that. Finally, the mother of an author from my local RWA chapter came by to buy a book. She handed me her daughter’s bookmark.

Those were the stand-outs but everyone was welcoming—three Borders booksellers bought the book, and everyone wished me the best of luck.

I worried over nothing…now if only my Florida signings follow this trend…

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