Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thunder on the Right and the Incomparable Mary Stewart

Finished my first book of 2006—Thunder on the Right.
And while I didn’t precisely remember the plot, I already knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. For one thing, it’s Mary Stewart, and for another, I’d already read the book (more than a few times) a few years ago. The book was trademark Mary Stewart—glowing, vivid descriptions that not only pull you inexorably into the story but go a long way towards convincing you that she was there the first time to see it all. For me, Mary Stewart is classic romantic suspense, and while she deals with a wide variety of unpleasant subjects, she only touches on them, glossing over any gruesome details that might leave your mind lingering in that disturbed mental state long after the novel’s been put down. The romance itself tucked neatly into each of her stories is handled lightly but is beautifully developed and written. She uses words that, from most of us, would sound ridiculous, but coming from her, they seem lyrical, poetic, and perfect.
Ah…to find another Mary Stewart…to be another Mary Stewart. I think I’ll simply have to cherish my library of Ms. Stewart’s books, re-read them from time to time, always to be awed anew.

Next up: A Regency Invitation by Nicola Cornick, Joanna Maitland, and Elizabeth Rolls.

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