Monday, January 23, 2006

LOST...and Contest

My reading has definitely lightened in the past week or so. My husband was given the complete first season of Lost on DVD for Christmas, and we are both mesmerized by it. The concept is really quite ingenious and the writers’ success at building suspense is very impressive. For any of you who aren’t watching or don’t know the concept of the show, I’ll give you a brief summary without giving anything away. A plane bound for LA from Sydney goes off course, gets ripped apart, and then crashes on an unknown island. The first episode opens as one of the passengers wakes up disoriented on the jungle floor…and then sees a Golden Retriever gazing at him. From that point on, the show is comprised of a mix of on-island experiences and interactions and flash-backs from the castaways’ lives before the crash. And these are some troubled, suspicious characters. At one point, I said to my husband, “Do you think this is a typical assortment for a plane-full of passengers?” Kinda creeps you out to think about it. Everyone I know is so…average. Or at least I think they are…who really knows? Anyway…we’re hooked, and we’re way behind—Lost is in like its third or fourth season I think. A few more CD’s and we’ll be at the end of Season 1, and I’ll have to get my hands on the other seasons. Luckily I’ve been watching 24 from the beginning…

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