Monday, August 01, 2005

Chick Chocolate

I was watching The Food Network last Friday night when they replayed a Treats of the Trade special that originally aired in October 2004. The product that caught my eye was Chick Chocolate. Much like Chick-lit, this product was conceptualized with today’s modern woman in mind. Just as a mass-market paperback is too short and stocky to be tucked smoothly into a fashionable handbag, and too much of a struggle to hold open with one hand when you've got a Starbucks to-go cup in your other, a regular-issue chocolate bar is simply too much. And you certainly don’t want it melting all over your reading material and much-too-expensive but oh-so-fabulous bag…so what can you do?

Try Chick Chocolate! It’s a culinary invention packaged, marketed, proportioned, and created just for chicks who like to splurge a little on life’s greatest pleasures: pretty, tasty, and sinful.
Offered up in three varieties:

Strong Chick (calcium-fortified with ~50% RDA), Personality Profile: Fit and healthy leader with can-do attitude – approaches life on her own terms.
Nutty Chick (packed with protein-rich, good-fat almonds), Personality Profile: Eccentric, offbeat and lively friend to everyone – loves to have fun and is the life of the party.
Extreme Chick (made with 55% cacao dark chocolate and cacao nibs to exploit the healthful antioxidant benefits of chocolate), Personality Profile: Fearlessly bold adventurer – will try anything once. Wants the best of everything.

Each box contains three individually wrapped pieces of Chick Chocolate (1 oz) to share, savor, or save for later. What’s better than a decadent, stylish, healthful treat? Except maybe a hip, humorous, fabulous read. It's your life...have them both together!

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