Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bad Press or Good Press?

My debut novel Unladylike Pursuits was recently reviewed by, and while I suppose I should be disappointed with both the review and the ranking (3 cups), I just can’t bring myself to feel that way. I’ve copied the entire review below…judge for yourself.

“This book is about a girl named Emily who lives in a world where women are raised to be proper ladies and marry men who are wealthy, so they can live in luxury. Emily doesn’t believe in this concept and starts to live her own life without any regrets.
The book is long-winded with description and slow. It reminded me of the Jane Austin novel Pride and Prejudice. The only thing I liked about the novel is that it stood up for women's rights.
Bottom Line: This book is slow. If you like Jane Austin novels, you will like this one.”

As far as I’m concerned, being lumped in with Jane Austen on any level is just fine with me. That the reviewer happened to compare my novel to one of the classics (my own personal favorite) is icing on the cake.

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