Monday, June 20, 2005

Baffling Book-signing

Well Saturday was my first book-signing. I was at a Barnes & Noble here in Houston, and I have to admit, it didn't go at all the way I expected it to. First off, I was placed smack in front of the entrance, seated at a long black table with a small pyramid of books to sign and sell. I was a little intimidated, but I supposed this was a good set-up, being a high-traffic area, and I certainly didn't want to run out of books prematurely. (I didn't). To my right, was a charity gift wrap table, with the charity being retired greyhound there were between four and six greyhounds beside me at any given time. And then it was the day before Father's Day, so busy, busy.

What I didn't really expect, but maybe should have, was that the second people came in the door and saw a person sitting there facing them, they immediately looked away--at anything but me. And it wasn't because I was hawking a book not to their taste (although perhaps the innuendo inherent in Unladylike Pursuits made some a bit uncomfortable...). Still, it didn't seem as if they even bothered to look it over. They were intent upon escape.

Only a couple of people looked at the typed up reviews I'd set out on the table, no one took a bookmark, and only women who had already had their books signed took one of my cards. In truth I expected the women to be more curious about a romance author--and a new one at that! The men, however, were plenty curious (again, maybe I have the title of the novel to thank for that). A couple wanted to talk about publishing, one about absolutely anything (he came back for an encore), and several either inquired whether I had written the book or stared covertly at the books and little announcement sign.

I have to admit to being a bit befuddled. Authors are normal people. I was happy to talk about my book, and my feelings weren't the slightest bit hurt if someone looked at the book and didn't buy it. Romance is not for everyone (or so I'm told). Maybe I should have asked to borrow a greyhound for my table and helped put a few people at ease. Live and learn.

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